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Moonwalk with Monuments full install_high-res S.jpg
007_MMG_DS_install_high-res S.jpg
004_MMG_DS_install_high-res S.jpg
Everything Flows Through Her install S.jpg
Petite Maroonage install S.jpg

Installation view 'Riding the Wind's Back' at  Monique Meloche Gallery, Chicago, IL  2021

DIG_E_2021_The_Slipstream_42_PS11-Large JPEG.jpeg
DIG_E_2021_The_Slipstream_14_PS11-Large JPEG.jpeg
DIG_E_2021_The_Slipstream_44_PS11-Large JPEG.jpeg
Elbow Room G.jpg

Installation Views of Slipstream: Reflection, Resilience, and Resistance in the Art of Our Time, group exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum 2021

Walk the Air_Install 2s.jpg
Walk the Air_Install 5s.jpg
Walk the Air_Install 14s.jpg
Walk the Air_Install 9s.jpg
Walk the Air_Install 16 s.jpg
Walk the Air_Install 18 s.jpg
Walk the Air_Install 19s.jpg

Installation view 'Walk the Air'  Steve Turner Contemporary Los Angeles 2020

P M Install 4.jpg
Picture Makers photography Install 1.jpg
P M Install 3.jpg

Installation view 'Picture Makers' at Thierry Goldberg Gallery 2019

Jenkins Johnson-Armory Show 2019-14.jpg
Jenkins Johnson-Armory Show 2019-3.jpg

Installation view Armory Show, Solo booth,New York, Jenkins Johnson Gallery

Punch install 2.jpg

Installation view 'Punch'  Group show, Jeffrey Deitch Gallery New York, 2018

Distant Relative gallery view.jpg
David Shrobe, Suitcased Brown,2017, oil,
5. Unnamed Ray.jpg

Installation View 'Home-Grown'  Solo exhibition at Thierry Goldberg Gallery New York  2017

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